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Katherine A. Sanchez

Katherine A. Sanchez

Contracts & Financials Administrator


Katherine A. Sanchez is the Contract Manager at the Law Offices of Robert M. Bell, P.A. She is a graduate of the Broward College Certified Business Specialist Program and is skilled in client relations and quality assurance. She has over ten years of experience in the fields of business and customer service and specializes specifically in the areas of organizing, directing, and planning with an emphasis on understanding theories for managing client relationships, office procedures and their processes.

Ms. Sanchez currently provides support to the legal team and is meticulous in ensuring that the services provided are of utmost satisfaction to the client. She provides clients with service contract agreements to start the process for their immigration needs and assists them in setting up manageable payments plans.

Ms. Sanchez has a passion for achieving client satisfaction and has an uplifting personality which can brighten any room.

Ms. Sanchez has always had a passion for the arts and loves singing and entertaining. She previously owned a successful children’s party company and is currently attending college to pursue a legal career.

Ms. Sanchez speaks English and Spanish.