Family-Based Immigration

There are many reasons why you or someone you know may be seeking information about family-based immigration that complies with USCIS requirements. South Florida immigration lawyer Robert M. Bell has experience with family-based visas and family-based green card application processes. He can help assess which type of family-based visa you qualify for.

U.S. Citizenship

Permanent residents of the United States are given an opportunity to apply for US citizenship if they meet certain USCIS requirements. It is important to ensure that a prospective applicant for naturalization meets all requirements, including length of residency, physical presence, and good moral character. The background investigation conducted by the USCIS into applicants for U.S. citizenship is extensive. On many occasions, negative information surfaces that may be the basis for denial of U.S.citizenship and possible deportation.

Deportation Defense

Robert M. Bell, P.A. has a proven record of successfully handling cases involving clients in need of deportation defense in South Florida and throughout the United States.

Deportation cases demand special attention and aggressive advocacy. In many cases, individuals face getting detained by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) during the deportation process. The immigration law office of Robert M. Bell, P.A. can provide swift and effective action to secure release from custody and apply for every available form of relief from deportation.


Robert M. Bell, P.A. pays personal attention to ensure each client’s defense addresses their individual immigration issues.

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