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Adjustment Of Status

If you are currently in the United States and were inspected and admitted or paroled, you may qualify for adjustment of status (I-485). “Adjustment of status” is a legal term that means applying for a different type of visa or a green card while you are in the U.S. without having to return to your country of origin.

Our legal team at Robert M. Bell, P.A., immigration attorneys in South Florida, explains below who qualifies for adjustment of status and what this process involves.

Requirements For Adjustment Of Status

You can file for adjustment of status (I-485) if:

  • You are currently in the U.S. pursuant to an inspection and admission or parole
  • For certain applicants, they must remain in lawful nonimmigrant status until the filing of their application
  • You establish that there are no disqualifying grounds of inadmissibility
  • Your green card priority date is current (check your USCIS-issued I-797 form for the priority date) if you are in a “preference category”
  • If you arrived in the U.S. with a fiancé visa (K-1), you married your spouse within 90 days of your arrival
  • If you entered the U.S. on refugee status, you have resided in the U.S. for at least one year

The Adjustment Of Status Process

Adjustment of status (I-485) includes the following basic steps:

  1. Filing an immigrant petition. Usually, someone else, like a family member or employer, will do that on your behalf.
  2. Checking visa availability if you are applying in a preference category
  3. Filing Form I-485 and paying the filing fee. Filing is free for refugees and costs $1,140 for most others.
  4. Attending a biometric services session to have your photograph and fingerprints taken
  5. Attending a personal interview with USCIS

If USCIS approves your application, you will receive a green card. Keep in mind that adjustment of status usually takes anywhere from several months to a year or longer.

How Our Experienced Immigration Attorneys Can Help You With An Application For Adjustment Of Status

While you or your sponsor may complete and file Form I-485 without using a lawyer’s services, working with our reliable attorney who knows all the relevant immigration laws can possibly save you a lot of time and trouble.

At Robert M. Bell, P.A., we can help you with adjustment of status. Depending on your case, we may:

  • Check which prospective immigrant category you belong to (family, employment, asylum status, etc.)
  • Check your visa eligibility before beginning work and collect the required forms for an immigration petition if you qualify
  • Make sure your forms include all the necessary details
  • Respond to any USCIS inquiries and help you get ready for your USCIS interview
  • Move to reopen your case if USCIS denies your application

Trusted Legal Help With Adjustment Of Status (I-485) In South Florida

At Robert M. Bell, P.A., we represent you on your path to lawful permanent residence and U.S. citizenship. Our experienced legal team can help ensure that your adjustment of status application meets all USCIS requirements and gives you the highest possible chance of approval.

For reliable bilingual legal counsel for adjustment of status (I-485) in Florida, call us at the law office of Robert M. Bell, P.A., in Hollywood at 954-400-3156 or complete our contact form.