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Attorney Representation

As an immigrant facing removal, finding attorney representation can prove difficult, especially if detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). While judges typically provided unrepresented immigrants with a list of pro bono providers, these often only focus on detained cases and can be so overburdened that their capacity is limited. Furthermore, the U.S. government does not provide immigrants with a pro bono attorney, as removal and deportation hearings are considered administrative proceedings.

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Don’t Face Immigration Proceedings Alone; We Are Here To Help!

2016 study by the American Immigration Council revealed that only 37% of all immigrants and 14% of detained immigrants attend immigration court with legal representation. Other statistics in the study show that representation differed based on an immigrant’s nationality and geographic location in the U.S.

One key factor in obtaining appropriate attorney representation is the availability of qualified immigration attorneys in large metropolitan areas as compared to smaller towns. Immigrants who tend to cluster with friends and family in larger metropolitan areas are more likely to find an immigration attorney serving their community.

In contrast, due to less diversity in smaller towns across the country, some immigrants in rural centers may have greater difficulty finding an immigration attorney to represent them. Other hurdles include language barriers or lack of immigration attorney representation in less-populous areas.

Attorney-Represented Immigrants Have Better Likelihood Of Success In Immigration Court

Immigrants in detention were

  • Four times more likely to qualify for release with legal representation than without, from 11% successfully gaining their release without representation to 44% with an attorney.
  • Eleven times more likely to apply for asylum with an attorney, rising from 3% of detainees without representation to 32% with attorneys.
  • Twice as likely to receive asylum or deportation relief with an attorney, at 49% with an attorney and 23% without.

Immigrants who faced removal proceedings without detention were five times more likely to seek withholding of removal, comparing 15% of unrepresented applicants versus 78% among represented parties.

Courts were five times more likely to grant asylum to non-detained represented immigrants facing removal proceedings than unrepresented immigrants, at 63% and 13%, respectively.

Overall, represented immigrants were better informed about their options to battle removal proceedings and had a better chance at winning their petitions to remain in the U.S. with the assistance of experienced immigration attorneys.

Detained Immigrants Face Barriers To Obtaining Attorney Representation

ICE’s detention procedures make it difficult for detained immigrants to secure attorney representation from their detention centers. Only 14% of detained immigrants find attorney representation, while nearly two-thirds of non-detained immigrants find an attorney to represent them in their removal proceedings.

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