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Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Renewal (I-821D) In Florida

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is an immigration policy allowing individuals who entered the United States as children without lawful immigration status to apply for deferred action and a U.S. work permit. Once a person is granted DACA, they must renew their DACA status every two years.

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Who Can File A DACA Renewal Application (Form I-821D)?

You may file an application to renew your DACA status if your case meets the following criteria:

  • You have lived in the U.S. continuously since your previous DACA authorization.
  • You have not traveled outside the U.S. since August 15th, 2012, unless USCIS granted you Advance Parole.
  • Your criminal record doesn’t include any past felonies, three or more misdemeanors, or significant misdemeanors (such as domestic violence, drug trafficking, sexual abuse, and other offenses).
  • You do not jeopardize U.S. public safety or national security.

You can apply for DACA renewal even if you have been in removal proceedings before. If you are currently in removal proceedings, your Form I-821D serves as a request for USCIS to defer action.

Applying for DACA renewal involves a $495, which includes the deferred action fee and fee for an employment authorization document.*

What Does Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Renewal (I-821D) Form Include?

While first-time DACA applicants must provide the gamut of supporting evidence to prove their claim, such as proof they were under sixteen years old when they entered the U.S., and a GED or proof of enrollment in a U.S. school, the requirements for DACA renewal are simpler. The information you need to provide in your I-821D form includes:

  • Personal information and immigration status
  • Residence and travel history
  • Relevant criminal record, public safety, and national security information
  • Your signature and contact information
  • The signature, contact information, and certification of the interpreter and/or lawyer who helped you prepare the application

Do You Need A Lawyer To Help With A DACA Renewal Request?

Some people choose to apply for DACA renewal on their own; however, working with an experienced immigration attorney reduces the risk of errors that may cause USCIS to reject or deny your DACA renewal. An immigration lawyer can:

  • Make sure your DACA renewal application contains accurate information and includes all the required supporting documents
  • Advise you about complex situations – for example, if you have a criminal record
  • Explain your legal options if USCIS denies your application
  • If necessary, request review of your immigration records and explore other means of protecting you from removal, such as seeking asylum

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DACA renewal allows you to continue living and working in the United States lawfully. At Robert M. Bell, P.A., we handle DACA renewal applications, provide removal defense services, and fight to help people just like you secure their future in the U.S.

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