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Motion To Substitute Counsel

Working with an attorney can provide numerous benefits throughout your immigration case, whether you initially believe your case to be simple or complex. When clients decide to work with our attorney team throughout their immigration process in Florida, we may be required to submit a motion to substitute counsel with the immigration court. This motion enables our attorneys to assume the duties of a previous legal counsel.

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What Is A Motion To Substitute Counsel?

Florida law recognizes that clients have the right to cancel their contracts with one attorney and hire a different attorney. A motion to substitute counsel allows clients to streamline this process when they already have an active immigration court case.

This motion asks the court to substitute an attorney from Robert M. Bell PA for your prior counsel. Once the court grants the motion, your new attorney will have the same rights and responsibilities as the previous attorney.

Reasons To Substitute Counsel

Not every client needs to submit a motion to substitute counsel. You must only submit this motion if you are switching attorneys on a pending immigration case. Here are a few reasons this motion may be necessary:

Your Law Firm Wants To Reassign Your Case

The firm may decide to reassign your case to a different attorney within the firm. The law firm may do this because your initial attorney has a larger case that takes up too much of their time, or the firm wants to distribute cases more equally to all attorneys.

Your Attorney Is Leaving Their Law Firm

If your attorney decides to leave the law firm, your case may be assigned to a different attorney in the firm. In this case, the new attorney would need to file a motion to substitute counsel.

Your Attorney Does Not Meet Your Standards

If you are working with an attorney who does not dedicate enough time to your case or has acted incompetently, you have the right to switch to a new attorney. When you switch to one of our experienced immigration attorneys, we will submit a motion to substitute counsel. You can feel confident that we will make every effort to correct any errors made by prior counsel to ensure the best result.

How To Submit A Motion For Substitution Of Counsel

When you switch immigration attorneys, your new attorney will be responsible for submitting the motion to substitute counsel. The motion will include all of the information:

  • The reason for the substitution
  • Whether the substitution applies to all court proceedings or custody and bond proceedings only
  • Evidence that your previous attorney has been notified of the motion

If you’re looking to switch to one of our attorneys at Robert M. Bell, P.A., we can handle the motion to substitute counsel on your behalf. Contact us today at 954-400-3156 to schedule your consultation with an experienced immigration attorney.