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Application For Action On An Approved Petition I-824

If you have an approved I-130 petition for alien relative that was not forwarded to the National Visa Center or you lost a USCIS approval notice, you may need to file an Application for Action on an Approved Petition (Form I-824).

At Robert M. Bell, P.A., our immigration and nationality attorneys in South Florida can explain how to file Form I-824 and how it can help your family’s immigration process.

Who Needs An Application For Action On An Approved Petition (I-824)?

Lawful permanent residents may file Form I-824 to request USCIS to:

  • Issue a copy of USCIS approval notices, like Form I-130 (family-based immigration petition)
  • Let a different U.S. Consulate (not the one you originally contacted) know about an approved petition or a different port of entry
  • Notify the relevant offices, like the Department of State and the National Visa Center (NVC) of your newly approved U.S. citizenship status
  • Send notice about your LPR status through the NVC to a U.S. Consulate so you can get your spouse or children into the U.S. using a follow-to-join procedure

The last point is vital to many immigrants who are waiting to reunite with their families. Please note that you must have approved (not pending) LPR status before filing form I-824 on behalf of your spouse and children. To qualify for filing form I-824, the marriage must be legally valid, and the children must be under 21 and unmarried.

The Process Of Filing Form I-824

The basic steps for filing an Application for Action on an Approved Petition (I-824) are:

  • Check for eligibility criteria
  • File I-824 with all supporting documentation, like birth and marriage certificates and a copy of your application for LPR status
  • Get your family to complete biometric screenings and visa interviews
  • Wait for USCIS approval

Do You Need An Immigration Attorney To Apply For Action On An Approved Petition?

While you are not required to hire an attorney, our lawyers at Robert M. Bell, P.A., can make sure that you are submitting the correct form with the appropriate fees and supporting documents. We can:

  • Check that you fulfill the eligibility criteria for I-824
  • Make sure your application complies with all of the filing instructions
  • Help you or your family members prepare for USCIS interviews
  • Help you reapply if USCIS denies an application you filed on your own

Helping You Throughout The Immigration Process In Florida

When your future in the U.S. depends on filing the right forms, you need reliable legal counsel from an experienced immigration lawyer. Our bilingual law firm, Robert M. Bell, P.A., supports Florida immigrants and their families in green card applications, adjustment of status, asylum requests, and any immigration-related matters.

For a consultation on an Application for Action on an Approved Petition (I-824) or other immigration issues, call us at 954-400-3156 in Hollywood, or complete our online form.