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Form G-28

If you are submitting an immigration-related application to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), you must submit several forms and documents with your application. One form you may need is Form G-28, which authorizes your attorney to represent you on your application or petition.

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What Is Form G-28?

Form G-28 is an immigration form that notifies USCIS that you are working with an attorney throughout your immigration process.

What Does Form G-28 Let Your Attorney Do?

Form G-28 authorizes your attorney to access your immigration files. It also enables your representative to send and receive correspondence with USCIS on your behalf.

Working with an attorney can be highly beneficial throughout the immigration application process. Your attorney can provide qualified advice and guidance to assist your application and improve your case outcomes. They can also help you understand the best ways to approach correspondence you receive from USCIS.

Who Needs To Submit Form G-28 With An Immigration Application?

Non-citizens who are submitting immigration-related applications and are hiring attorneys must submit Form G-28 with their immigration applications. If you want your attorney to access your files and application, you must submit this form. Otherwise, your attorney will not have any rights within your application process.

You will need to submit a new G-28 form for every immigration application you submit.

How To File Form G-28

If you have chosen an attorney to assist with your immigration application, he or she will be responsible for filing Form G-28. You will need to sign your name on part 4 of this form. Your attorney will file this form with USCIS.

Who Shouldn’t Submit Form G-28?

You should only sign Form G-28 when you have decided to work with a legal representative.

If you switch to a new attorney during your immigration process, the new lawyer can fill out and submit this form in order to enter an appearance on your case and receive correspondence from USCIS.

Other Things To Keep In Mind With Form G-28

When submitting Form G-28, you must submit the original document or a photocopy of a “wet” signature.

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